Homagical Wake Up Light Alarm Clock, Sunrise Alarm Clock with Sunset Simulation 1st Generation


【Natural Sunrise/Sunset Simulation】Inspired by natural sunrise light, this alarm clock light gradually grows from a smoothing Red-tinted light grows into white light (over 10-60mins) before the alarm, and the increasing light stimulates your body with more energy and well-being;
【7 Natural Sounds with 16-Level Volume】Smart digital alarm clock is equipped with 7 natural alarm sounds and 16-Level adjustable volume for those who prefer to wake up to a combination of light and sound to enjoy a relaxing morning in either fair-sounding(like piano, bird sounds, waves, violin, frog croak and beep).
【Dual Alarm Modes with Snooze Function】Comes with Two Individual Alarm Modes without disturbing each other even at the same day. Set one alarm for weekdays and another for weekends, or one for you and another for your spouse.
【Bedside Lamp with Phone Charger USB Port】7 colors Night Lamp with 20 levels of brightness allows to adjust the wake up light to the proper and comfortable brightness. Use it as a Night Light when you need to get up at night to feed your baby or go to the toilet.
【FM Radio-Morning Clock/Night Sleep Aid】FM radio features support auto scans or manual searches and auto saves the radio stations to the playlist as well.The frequency is 76-108MHz.


Upgraded Sunrise Alarm Clock–Softer Light, Better Sleep

  • Soft lighting like the first ray of morning sunshine to wake you up with an improved mood and energy level.
  • Vanshining sunset and soak up every last ray of its warmth to guide you to natural and restful sleep.

Works intended for the following people:

①People who have a hard time waking up in the dark or during seasons with late morning sunlight.

②For working individuals or students who need wake up at a specific time.

③For people who suffers from bitter sleep and behavioral effects brought by changes in season or daylight hours.

④For those who suffer from sleepyhead or lack of energy to wake up in the morning.

⑤Aslo for people who have existing health conditions (such as tense nerves, anxiety) where loud alarm clocks and abrupt methods of waking up are inappropriate.


Please remove the insulation sheet from the botton battery for the first time using.

Please do not place the light on an uneven surface. Do not use this as a means to reduce your hours of sleep. It does not diminish your need for sleep. Please unplugged the power while not using.


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